Event Rental

How Many Hours Do You Need?

Please keep in mind that set-up and tear-down are included in your rental, so if you are throwing a party that involves decorations, food, and rearrangement of the room, please consider starting with the 3 Hour Event Rental.


*NOTE: Any rental with more than 10 guests is considered a rental!

Not Sure?
Read these Event Details before booking!

– Please note that you will need to bring tables and chairs for any formal seating.

– The spaces are completely DIY with your choice of our current inventory available.

– Any reservation with 10+ guests is considered an event.

– Package hours do not apply to events.

– The full day must be available in order to reserve the space for an event.

 -Please ensure that you include all setup and clean up time within the amount of time booked. Your time starts when the first vendor arrives and your time ends when the last person related to your event leaves, meaning that you’ll want to book enough time to avoid the late fees.
•Unfortunately, we do not have a storage area to stow away all unwanted props in the space. We can, however, move the smaller items out of the space (chairs, stools, etc.) but the larger items (tables, and rolling backdrops) must stay in the space.
•You’re more than welcome to bring in any food or drink into the space. We ask that you follow TABC guidelines when it comes to alcohol in the space and please keep all food and drinks inside the space.

 WiFi password is provided upon arrival to the space.